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Shared Library to build Go projects and Docker images in parallel. Utilizes docker compose --parallel to build Docker images found in the workspace. Currently only used for the edgex-go mono-repo.




Name Required Type Description and Default Value
project required str The name of your project.
mavenSettings optional str The maven settings file in Jenkins that has been created for your project. Note the maven settings file specified must exist in Jenkins in order for your project to build.

Default: ${project}-settings
semver optional bool Specify if semantic versioning will be used to version your project. Note edgeX utilizes git-semver for semantic versioning.

Default: true
testScript optional str The command the build will use to test your project. Note the specified test script will execute in the project's CI build container.

Default: make test
buildScript optional str The command the build will use to build your project.

Default: make build
goVersion optional str The version of Go to use for building the project's CI build image. Note this parameter is used in conjuction with the useAlpineBase parameter to determine the base for the project's CI build image.

Default: 1.21
goProxy optional str The proxy to use when downloading Go modules. The value of this parameter will be set in the GOPROXY environment variable to control the download source of Go modules.

useAlpineBase optional bool Specify if an Alpine-based edgex-golang-base:${goVersion}-alpine image will be used as the base for the project's CI build image. If true, the respective edgex-golang-base image should exist in the Nexus snapshot repository, if a matching image is not found in Nexus then an Alpine-based go-lang:${goVersion}-alpine DockerHub image will be used. If false, then a non-Alpine go-lang:${goVersion} DockerHub image will be used. Note this parameter is used in conjuction with the goVersion parameter to determine the base for the projects' CI build image.

Default: true
dockerFileGlobPath optional str The pattern for finding Dockerfiles to build. Note Docker images will be named with the same name as the directory which the Dockerfile was found in with a docker- prefix and -go suffix. Example: docker-<folder>-go

Default: cmd/** /Dockerfile
dockerImageNamePrefix optional str The prefix to apply to the names of all the Docker images built.

Default: docker-
dockerImageNameSuffix optional str The suffix to apply to the names of all the Docker images built.

Default: -go
dockerBuildFilePath optional str The path to the Dockerfile that will serve as the CI build image for your project.

dockerBuildContext optional str The path for Docker to use as its build context when building your project. This applies to building both the CI build image and project image.

Default: .
dockerBuildImageTarget optional str The name of the docker multi-stage-build stage the pipeline will use when building the CI build image.

Default: builder
dockerNamespace optional str The docker registry namespace to use when publishing Docker images. Note for EdgeX projects images are published to the root of the docker registry and thus the namespace should be empty.

Default: ''
dockerNexusRepo optional str The name of the Docker Nexus repository where the project Docker images will be published to if pushImage is set.

Default: staging
buildImage optional bool Specify if Jenkins should build a Docker image for your project. Note if false then pushImage will also be set to false

Default: true
pushImage optional bool Specify if Jenkins should push your project's image to dockerNexusRepo.

Default: true
semverBump optional str The semver axis to bump, see git-semver for valid axis values.

Default: pre
buildSnap optional bool Specify if Jenkins should build a Snap for your project. Note If set, your project must also include a valid snapcraft yaml snap/snapcraft.yaml for Jenkins to attempt to build the Snap.

Default: false
publishSwaggerDocs optional bool Specify if Jenkins should attempt to publish your projects API documentation to SwaggerHub. Note in order for Jenkins to publish to SwaggerHub you must ensure a valid value for swaggerApiFolders is set.

Default: false
swaggerApiFolders optional list The list of paths to your projects API Swagger-based documentation.

Default: ['openapi/v1', 'openapi/v2']
failureNotify optional str The group emails (comma-delimited) to email when the Jenkins job fails.

arch optional array A list of system architectures to target for the build. Possible values are amd64 or arm64.

Default: ['amd64', 'arm64']


Basic example

edgeXBuildGoParallel (
    project: 'edgex-go',
    dockerFileGlobPath: 'cmd/** /Dockerfile',

Complex example

   project: 'edgex-go',
   dockerFileGlobPath: 'cmd/** /Dockerfile',
   testScript: 'make test',
   buildScript: 'make build',
   publishSwaggerDocs: true,
   swaggerApiFolders: ['openapi/v1', 'openapi/v2'],
   buildSnap: true

Full example

This example shows all the settings that can be specified and their default values.

edgeXBuildGoParallel (
    project: 'go-project',
    mavenSettings: 'go-project-settings',
    semver: true,
    testScript: 'make test',
    buildScript: 'make build',
    goVersion: '1.16',
    goProxy: '',
    useAlpineBase: true,
    dockerFileGlobPath: 'cmd/** /Dockerfile',
    dockerImageNamePrefix: 'docker-',
    dockerImageNameSuffix: '-go',
    dockerBuildFilePath: '',
    dockerBuildContext: '.',
    dockerNamespace: '',
    dockerNexusRepo: 'staging',
    buildImage: true,
    pushImage: true,
    semverBump: 'pre',
    buildSnap: false,
    publishSwaggerDocs: false,
    swaggerApiFolders: ['openapi/v1', 'openapi/v2'],
    failureNotify: ',',
    arch: ['amd64', 'arm64']