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Shared library with helper functions to manage releases. This is the main entry point for all automated releases using the 🔗 cd-management/release repository.

Required Yaml

Name Required Type Description and Default Value
name true str Name of the repository that is being released.
version true str Semver version to be released.
releaseName true str The codename of the release. This is usually used by sub release processes for naming.
releaseStream true str What branch the release is being generated from. (This has been superseded by commitId)
commitId true str Git Commit SHA to tag or branch for the release.
repo true str https git repository url.


  • edgeXRelease.collectReleaseYamlFiles: Search through a provided file path and find all the release yaml files to process and parses yaml into a Groovy object using the readYaml function. Default file pattern to search for will be: release/*.yaml. This function will also validate what files have changed in the commit using edgex.didChange and will only release what was changed.
  • edgeXRelease.parallelStepFactory: Returns a Closure to execute the release for all release yaml entries found for the specific commit.
  • edgeXRelease.parallelStepFactoryTransform: Transforms release yaml Groovy object into a Groovy Closure containing all the logic needed to perform the release for the specific repository.
  • edgeXRelease.stageArtifact: If release contains binaries rather than docker images, the binaries need to be staged before the release occurs. This function forces a build of the artifact by triggering the job using the build(job: ..) Jenkins function.
  • edgeXRelease.getBuilderImagesFromReleasedImages: Used to determine what static builder image to use when building a LTS C based repository. Below you can see the transformation.
     // Given the release of the following 2 docker images: