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Shared library with helper functions to manage documentation releases. Currently used by edgex-docs.

Required Yaml

Name Required Type Description and Default Value
docs true str Determines whether or not to trigger this function.
docsInfo.nextReleaseVersion true str Next release version to add to the documentation.
docsInfo.nextReleaseName true str Next release name to add to the documentation.
docsInfo.reviewers true str Who to assign the generated PR's to.


  • edgeXReleaseDocs.publishReleaseBranch: Makes release branch related changes in unique branch then commits release branch.
  • edgeXReleaseDocs.publishVersionChangesPR: Makes version file related changes in unique branch then commits and opens PR.
  • edgeXReleaseDocs.validate: Validates release yaml input before any automation is run.


Sample Release Yaml

name: 'edgex-docs'
version: '2.2.0'
releaseName: 'kamakura'
releaseStream: 'main'
repo: ''
commitId: 'c72b16708d6eed9a08be464a432ce22db7d90667'
gitTag: false
dockerImages: false
docs: true
  nextReleaseVersion: "2.3.0"
  nextReleaseName: levski
  reviewers: edgex-docs-committers

Groovy Call