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Shared library with helper functions to manage GitHub Releases with attached binaries. This function works in conjunction with the docker image generated from 🔗 Create GitHub Release to manage GitHub releases. Currently used by edgex-cli.

Required Yaml

Name Required Type Description and Default Value
gitHubRelease true str Determines whether or not to trigger this function.
gitHubReleaseAssets true array List of binaries to release along with generated GitHub Release.


  • edgeXReleaseGitHubAssets.getCredentialsId: Return correct PAT based on ENV.SILO to access GitHub api.
  • edgeXReleaseGitHubAssets.getRepoInfo: Extracts pertinent information from repository and returns as Map.
  • edgeXReleaseGitHubAssets.createGitHubRelease: Wraps call to create-github-release to generate GitHub release.
  • edgeXReleaseGitHubAssets.validate: Validates release yaml input before any automation is run.


Sample Release Yaml

name: 'sample-service'
version: 1.1.2
releaseStream: 'main'
repo: ''
gitHubRelease: true
  - 'https://nexus-location/asset1'
  - 'https://nexus-location/asset2'
  - 'https://nexus-location/asset3'

Groovy Call