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Shared library of common helper functions for all EdgeX Jenkins pipelines.


  • edgex.isReleaseStream: Used to validate whether the current branch that Jenkins is building is a branch that is considered a branch with "releasable" artifacts (i.e docker push, git semver push).
  • edgex.isLTS: Used to determine if the current branch that Jenkins is building is for an LTS release.
  • edgex.getTargetBranch: Used to determine the target branch that is being merged into for a PR.
  • edgex.didChange: Determine if the given expression matches the files that changed in a given PR or merge. For example:
    // Did any .go files change from the current branch compared to origin/main
    // Did any .yaml files change from the current branch compared to origin/release
    didChange('*.yaml', 'origin/release')
  • edgex.mainNode: Given a config map with config.nodes, either return the node label marked as defaultNode = true or return the DevOps managed "default" node label.
  • edgex.nodeExists: Verify a given node architecture matches provided architecture.
  • edgex.getNode: Return node with architecture that matches provided architecture.
  • edgex.setupNodes: Setup default node labels for x86_64 and arm64 nodes.
  • edgex.getVmArch: Run uname to determine VM architecture. If aarch64 is returned, convert to the result to arm64.
  • edgex.bannerMessage: Vanity function to wrap given input message with a banner style output for easier readability in Jenkins console.
  • edgex.printMap: Vanity function to print Groovy Map to the Jenkins console.
  • edgex.defaultTrue: Returns true if the input is true or null. This is useful to setup default values in functions when none is provided.
  • edgex.defaultFalse: Returns true if the input is false or null. This is useful to setup default values in functions when none is provided.
  • edgex.releaseInfo: Call shell script resources/ to output current edgex-global-pipeline version information in the Jenkins console. This is really useful for debugging older builds in case issues are discovered.
  • edgex.isDryRun: Whether or not the env.DRY_RUN environment variable is set. Will return true if DRY_RUN is set, false otherwise.
  • edgex.isMergeCommit: Determines if the current commit Jenkins is building is considered a git "merge commit". Useful if determining parent commit info.
  • edgex.getPreviousCommit: Determines the previous commit SHA given the merge commit or squash commit git use-cases. Different git commands have to be run to be able to determine the previous commit.
  • edgex.getBranchName: Returns the current branch name from git.
  • edgex.getCommitMessage: Returns the current commit message from git given a commit SHA.
  • edgex.isBuildCommit: Return true when the commit message follows the pattern build(...): [semanticVersion,namedTag] ....
  • edgex.parseBuildCommit: Return the parameters for the build [semanticVersion,namedTag].
  • edgex.getTmpDir: Run mktemp with given pattern to create a temporary directory in /tmp.
  • edgex.getGoLangBaseImage: Return DevOps managed base images used in Go pipelines.
  • edgex.isGoProject: Looks at repository directory structure to determine if the repository is Golang based. Uses the existence of the go.mod file.
  • edgex.getCBaseImage: Return the base image used as the base image for all C based repositories.
  • edgex.parallelJobCost: Wraps call to lfParallelCostCapture inside docker image to save time downloading pip dependencies.
  • edgex.patchAlpineSeccompArm64: A fix for arm64 nodes that enables a security profile for docker. Another workaround is to just use the --privileged docker flag.
  • edgex.isLTSReleaseBuild: Returns true if current commit message begins with ci(lts-release).
  • edgex.semverPrep: Poorly named function that sets up the env.NAMED_TAG and env.BUILD_STABLE_DOCKER_IMAGE for the build commit concept. Will be removed in a future release.
  • edgex.waitFor: Useful function to wait for a condition in a shell script to be met.
  • edgex.waitForImages: Useful function to determine if a docker image has been pushed to a repository.
  • edgex.commitChange: Commits a change to the repo with a given message.
  • edgex.createPR: Creates a PR with the GitHub CLI for with a given branch, title, message and reviewers for. Note: This is generic enough to be used in other functions.