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Shared library with helper functions to create, sign and bump Git tags.

Required Yaml

Name Required Type Description and Default Value
gitTag true str Determines whether or not to trigger this function.
semverBumpLevel false str Semver bump level to be used by git-semver.

Default: -pre=dev pre


  • edgeXReleaseGitHubTag.cloneRepo: Generic function to properly clone a repository to a specific subfolder. Directory name generated from
  • edgeXReleaseGitHubTag.setAndSignGitTag: Sets up release tag using git-semver from the specified version set in releaseYaml.version. NOTE: git-semver force is used here for impotency in case tag already exists. So existing tags will be overridden.
  • edgeXReleaseGitHubTag.bumpAndPushGitTag: Pushes signed tag and optionally bumps next version.


Sample Release Yaml

name: 'sample-service'
version: '1.1.2'
releaseStream: 'main'
commitId: '0cc1d67607642c9413e4a80d25a2df35ecc76d41'
repo: ''
gitTag: true
semverBumpLevel: 'patch' #optional

Groovy Call