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Pull Request Sandbox Testing


The EdgeX Jenkins Production Server and EdgeX Jenkins Sandbox Server are configured to use the edgex-global-pipelines library. The servers target either stable or experimental tags for Production and Sandbox servers respectively.

To make functional testing of Jenkins Shared Pipeline Libraries more convenient, you can use a commit hash from a Pull Request into edgex-global-pipelines to override the default pipeline version that the Jenkins server is using. (stable/experimental)

Step 1 - Create Draft PR

When you have changes you'd like to functionally test, open a Draft Pull Request from your forked repository of edgex-global-pipelines into edgex-global-pipelines:main

Make clear that this is a PR for functional testing purposes and is not meant to be merged.

Create Draft PR

Step 2 - Use PR Commit Hash

Find the commit hash of your draft PR.

Find Commit Hash

Place the commit hash into your Jenkinsfile that is under test. The EdgeX Sample-Service is a good place to functionally test shared libraries without affecting production code.

Add the commit hash after the '@' in the explicit library import statement as shown below.

@Library("edgex-global-pipelines@7eba319") _

edgeXBuildGoApp (
    project: 'sample-service',
    goVersion: '1.15',
    buildExperimentalDockerImage: true

Step 3 - Execute Jenkinsfile

When you execute your functional test build job on the sandbox, the commit hash of your PR will be shown as the commit used for the edgex-global-pipeline shared library. You will see a message similar to the following in your build job console output.

Loading library edgex-global-pipelines@7eba319
Attempting to resolve 7eba319 from remote references...

Step 4 - Finishing Up

When you are satisfied that the content of your edgex-global-pipelines fork is functionally tested and ready to be merged, you can convert your draft PR into a real PR and add the appropriate reviewers.

After your PR is merged to main, the experimental tag will point to your newest content. You might want to test your new code by switching back to the experimental tag in your Jenkinsfile.

@Library("edgex-global-pipelines@experimental") _

Please clean up and close your PR after you have finished your functional testing.