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Shared library to publish html and other resources to a GitHub pages branch off the main repository (typically gh-pages). This shared library is typically used in conjunction with mkdocs and after mkdocs generates all the HTML, etc and the calling pipeline stashes the contents into a specific site-contents Jenkins stash.


The typical documentation build process goes like this:

  • PR is merged into main in upstream repo
  • mkdocs is called to generate final documentation in upstream repo job.
  • site-contents stash is generated in upstream repo job.
  • edgeXGHPagesPublish() is called to publish stash to GitHub pages.


Name Required Type Description and Default Value
repoUrl true str Repo URL where GitHub pages are being published (typically in ssh format for Edgex).
credentialId false str Jenkins credentialId used to authenticate to git to push contents.

Default: edgex-jenkins-ssh
ghPagesBranch false str Git branch where GitHub pages are stored.

Default: gh-pages
stashName false str Stash name that contains generated site contents that will be published.

Default: site-contents


edgeXGHPagesPublish((repoUrl: '')