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Shared library that wraps the Linux Foundation's (LF) docker login script: ./resources/global-jjb/shell/

The LF Global JJB Docker Login script looks for the following environment variables: $SETTINGS_FILE, $DOCKER_REGISTRY, $REGISTRY_PORTS, $DOCKERHUB_REGISTRY, $DOCKERHUB_EMAIL which this script automatically sets. Based on given config map entries passed in

Please refer to the shell script in global-jjb/shell for the usage.


Name Required Type Description and Default Value
settingsFile true str Config file Id that contains authentication details to docker registries. Unique to each Edgex repository.
dockerRegistry false str Override docker registry to login to.
dockerRegistryPorts false str Listing of all the registry ports to login to e.g.: 10001 10002 10003 10004
dockerHubRegistry false str Override docker hub registry. Not commonly used.
dockerHubEmail false str Override docker hub email. Not commonly used.


edgeXDockerLogin(settingsFile: 'edgex-repo-settings')