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Shared library containing a useful set of functions to help with the creation of semantic versioning using the git-semver python library. The main call function builds the git semver command based on the provided input.

Please note: this shared library is responsible for setting the VERSION environment variable during git semver init execution.


Name Required Type Description and Default Value
command false str Specify which git semver sub command to run.

Example: init, bump, push
semverVersion false string Force a specific override version instead of reading the version from the semver branch.

Default: <empty string>
gitSemverVersion false string What version of the git-semver docker image to use.

Default: latest
credentials false string Which Jenkins credential to use to authenticate to GitHub and push git tag.

Default: edgex-jenkins-ssh


  • edgeXSemver.executeGitSemver: Execute semverCommand via ssh with provided credentials.
  • edgeXSemver.setGitSemverHeadTag: set GITSEMVER_HEAD_TAG to value of HEAD when any of the following conditions are satisfied:
  • An init version is specified and HEAD is tagged with init version.
  • An init version is not specified and HEAD is tagged.
  • edgeXSemver.getCommitTags: Return list of all tags at a specific commit point.


Regular init


Force specific the semver version to use.

edgeXSemver('init', '2.0.0')

Bump the semver version using default semver bump level (pre-release).